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Marshman G. Book review: Ally M, Needham G, eds. M-libraries 3: transforming libraries with mobile technology. CILIP Health Libraries Group Newsletter 2012; 29 (2): 25.

This book offers a practical overview of some of the issues/changes taking place in the mobile information environment, and presents some real-life examples of projects that you can take away to explore in your own setting. Read the full review by clicking on the link above.

The Health Libraries Group (HLG) is a special interest group of CILIP (the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals). HLG is a UK-based network of individuals working in or professionally interested in health and social care information.

See the main CILIP website, or the HLG website, for more information.


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I’ve just downloaded the WordPress app to my HTC Hero (a Google Android phone) and am testing out how easy it is to post from my mobile. It seems pretty simple so far, and I’ve also been able to update my ‘About me’ page, so all in all this seems like a useful download. It’s free too! (I don’t think I’ve paid for an app yet, cheapskate that I am.)

It’ll be interesting to see how often I post from my mobile and how often I feel the need to fire up the computer. I tend to avoid going on the laptop as much as I can, as it feels a little too much like work 😉  but using my mobile makes things seem a lot more accessible.

They do say the future of the web is mobile, and I can certainly see why.

Anyway, that’s probably enough playing with tech for now – I need to go and cook dinner!

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