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Shenton AK, Marshman G. The school library of today: Guises and “universal” roles. School Libraries Worldwide 2012; 18 (2): 73–81.

In recent years, the disappearance of traditional libraries from Britain’s schools has attracted strong criticism. This paper explores how the computer-oriented information environments that have replaced them do, however, share similarities with old-style book areas. Specifically, each: (a) connects users with information, (b) offers resources that are available to everyone, (c) incorporates structures that demonstrate how large collections of information may be organized, (d) forms a space for developing and practicing information skills, (e) provides a welcoming environment for all, (f) unites pupils of different ages, and (g) may afford access to staff who support the learning process. The paper concludes by suggesting that, irrespective of the nature of the “library”, the existence of an intermediary who can discharge a range of teaching and learning functions is crucial.

See the School Libraries Worldwide website for more information.


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This may set a new record in my life for ‘quickest blog post ever’… I have just found out that my article ‘What are we here for?’ has been published in CILIP Update (the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, for any non-librarians reading this blog). I submitted it with the aim of meeting the December deadline but knew that realistically it could get bumped to next year, or even dispensed with completely. But no – here it is staring me in the face!

The article basically outlines my ‘purpose in life’ and explains my somewhat chequered career. I’ve skipped from job to job, but all the roles I’ve undertaken have had a common purpose: to connect people with the information they need to live their lives or run their businesses.

If you’re a member of CILIP and can access the article, I’d be keen to hear what you have to say about my thoughts. Do you agree or disagree with the points I make? Please note, though, that my primary aim is not to state my position as the be-all-and-end-all: it’s just my views, my perspective on life, and I have no doubt that everyone else will have a different take on things based on their own life experiences. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Above all – digest and enjoy.

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